Enchanted Lion Books is the 2017 Winner of the Batchelder Award for  Cry, Heart, But Never Break  from the American Library Association

Enchanted Lion Books is the 2017 Winner of the Batchelder Award for Cry, Heart, But Never Break from the American Library Association

Winner of the 2017 Mildred L. Batchelder Award

“Ringtved’s text respects readers by offering a comforting, but direct confrontation with death in a story that is both somber and joyful.” - Batchelder Award Committee Chair Jamie Campbell Naidoo

"Now comes a fine addition to the most intelligent and imaginative children’s books about making sense of death — the crowning jewel of them all, even, and not only because it bears what might be the most beautiful children’s book title ever conceived: "Cry, Heart, But Never Break" by beloved Danish children’s book author Glenn Ringtved and illustrator Charlotte Pardi, translated into English by Robert Moulthrop." - Brainpickings

"“Cry, Heart, but Never Break,” a 2001 Danish work, is rich and affecting. You’ll know something is amiss in Denmark from the moment you open the book to a haunting watercolor illustration dominated by a dusky, rose-smudged sky, shadowy grasses traversed by a black cat, and a slanting old house with a watchful bird perched on top." - The New York Times

'Cry, Heart, But Never Break' is beautiful. I often compare our grief to putting salt in cake batter – it highlights the sweet. Love and loss are intertwined – we can't know one without the other. - Jade Bock, Children's Grief Center of New Mexico

"One of the most deeply compassionate books I have ever found on how to try to accept the profound sadness of loss and understand the natural balancing laws of nature." - The Guardian

“What to do when it's a family member who has died? A grandparent, say. Personally, I'd pull out a picture book by Danish author Glenn Ringtved, beautifully translated by Robert Moulthrop and now published in English by Enchanted Lion Books.” - Montreal Gazette

“Pardi gives the Grim Reaper a kindly aspect … the removal of any parental buffer in this episode reinforces the salutary suggestion that children are resilient enough to be in death’s presence without fear. Gentle, wistful reading for times of imminent loss.” - Kirkus Reviews

“It's never easy to have conversations about death in our classrooms, but I think this gentle and sweet book would reassure students.” - A Year of Reading

“Pardi creates a cozy, lived-in ambiance in her pencil and watercolor art; Death’s almost grandfatherly persona suggests that there is a time to go gently into that good night.” – Publishers Weekly

"We Love This Book ... A sensitive and honest portrayal of the death of a cherished grandparent, the book carries important messages about coping with the grieving process." - Little Parachutes

"Every single country in the world talks about death in picture books better than America. Well, it's true. And this may be the most sensitive of them this year. An import worth importing." - School Library Journal

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