"Salt in cake batter" - A Lovely Letter From Jane Bock, Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico

Recently, I came across a column by David Brooks published the The New York Times titled "A Nation of Healers.It is about the harsh conditions in some of the most economically stressed parts of the USA, as well as the resilient and crucially important individuals and organizations that are tirelessly mending the frayed social fabric of the country by providing much-needed services to families and children who are victim to a variety of problems: drug and alcohol addiction and death, homelessness, mental illness, and suicide. In the column, Brooks rightfully highlights Jade Bock, the director of the Children's Grief Center of New Mexico. About her, Brooks writes:

Along with a hundred other volunteers and staff members, Bock gets these kids to process their grief. She sits with them in group after group, tender but in a realistic no-nonsense sort of way. She’ll cry and be present, but she won’t let you escape the task of moving through it. If it’s mentionable it’s manageable. Pain that is not transformed is transmitted.

I sent Jade a copy of Cry, Heart, But Never Break, in the hope that it might aid her in her mission. Her response was heartwarming.

Dear Mr Moulhrop –

Cry Heart But Never Break is beautiful. I often compare our grief to putting salt in cake batter - it highlights the sweet. Love & Loss are intertwined - we cant know one without the other. I've added your book to our "Losing Library" - it will be read over & over again in our Littles & Middles groups for years to come. If you ever visit New Mexico, come visit your book!

Warmly, Jade.

Read A Nation of Healers to find out more more about Jade's good work and many others like her.